Hate Has No Home Here

From New Milford Mayor David Gronbach’s Facebook page:

I am disgusted that the hatred we have been reading about nationally has appeared in New Milford with the racial epithet and swastika painted at Thompson’s Restaurant. In the wake of Charlottesville, I posted, “Hate Has No Home Here”. This statement in opposition reflected my stand against people and ideologies that would denigrate any person or population. Today we know that there are people in our Community that hate based on skin color or ethnicity or religion. They are proud of their prejudice and want others to fear it; to be intimidated by it; to have it normalized. I am here to say that while hate may live in the hearts of some in our Community, we give it no shelter and no safe harbor. I call on New Milford to come together to not only denounce this expression of hate, but to beat it back into the furthest recesses of the twisted heart that harbors it.

As Mayor, I can assure the Thompsons that the full weight of our police resources will be used to find and punish any person associated with this hate crime. To our Community at large, but especially to our Community of African-Americans, Hispanics, Jewish, Muslim, LGBTQ, and anyone else against whom this expression was meant to intimidate, again I say, Hate Has No Home Here, and we will stand against it.

Mayor David R. Gronbach